Another Latin American President digs himself a hole

The Mexican government was not amused by the Uruguayan President’s recent remarks.  In the Latin American edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, President Mujica said of Mexico: “It gives one the sense, seen from a distance, that this is a kind of failed state, in which public authorities have completely lost control.” In case there was any doubt, he went on to say that Mexico was infested or rotten with corruption.  Yikes, those are the kind of sentiments that should probably not be expressed publicly.  It seems like in this instance at least, Mujica hired the same PR people as EPN.

Mexico asked the Uruguayan ambassador for an explanation of this insult, and Mujica went into damage control.  His explanation is ironically so over the top though that it is not very convincing. The President said:

“The crude news that reaches us about the consequences of drug trafficking in countries like Guatemala, Honduras and now Mexico shout to us a lesson of true pain that could show us our own futures. They are not, nor will be, these nations, innocuous or failed states…” [note: the word innocuous seems comically odd in this context; I checked the original and it doesn’t seem to just be a translation error]

The Mexicans should tell the Uruguayans to butt out, that “when it comes to hole digging, we got this.”