US concerns about Mexican migration & security

Alfredo Corchado has a good article in the Dallas Morning News about newly declassified US government documents about the security and migration situation in Mexico.  Here are a couple of the most interesting tidbits:

“US officials expressed concern that the Calderón government’s actions were leading to “unintended consequences,” noting that the capture or killing of several top cartel leaders “has allowed less experienced and undisciplined personnel to fill the leadership vacuum, contributing to the spike of drug-related murders.”

The documents provide some new information and raise troubling questions of why more was not done then by either government to take preemptive action that might have prevented the killing of vulnerable migrants, whose only fault was traveling through a perilous region in hopes for a better life in the U.S. In fact, far from trying to help migrants, authorities, especially immigration officials, tried to cover up the extent of the carnage.”