Things go better with….Racism??

In development circles, some people worry about the “White Savior Complex“, where essentially, development is done to/for non-whites by whites.

This video isn’t from the UN,or any development agency ┬ábut it illustrates the concept of white savior very well.

It apparently is a commercial for coca-cola.

It starts with citing stats about how indigenous people in Mexico feel alienated from mainstream Mexico and show a few grim, slow moving, stoic brown people. Then it cuts to a bunch of smiling, laughing, tall, thin, hyper-active white people, who then show up uninvited to a town in Oaxaca and construct a wooden Christmas tree (or just an obelisk perhaps) lit by Coca Cola bottle caps. Brown peoples’ eyes widen in wonder, a couple of them actually smile, get a free coke. White arms go around brown shoulders. ┬áThe end.

Here, see for yourself:

People, Robin and I have lived in Mexico. We’ve traveled several times to Oaxaca, driven through Chiapas and Guerrero. The people there know what coca cola is. Believe me. They also know what bullshit is.

These areas of the country are indeed much poorer than most of the rest of Mexico, but coke and condescension are not what’s needed.