Every inflationary cloud has a silver lining: Argentina Edition

Oh Argentina, where one of the few booming sectors is armored car services!

Why? Well it’s not mentioned in the article (which is a pretty confused piece), but Argentina is a pretty disintermediated country. ¬†People don’t trust banks (gee I wonder why) and lots of business is done in cash. Add to that the fact that years of high inflation have rendered Argentina’s largest denominated currency to be worth only $10 (and this is at the official ER) and you can see that cash moves around and these days it takes a LOT of cash to purchase major items.

In other words, purchasing power that used to fit in a wallet, now fits in a suitcase.

What used to fit in a suitcase, now fits in a wheelbarrow…..

As a famous man once said, solve for the equilibrium.

Here’s some free CG investment advice: short wallets, long Brinks trucks!

Hat tip to the inimitable Boz.