Que Cortazo! The true tragedy of Evo

Evo Morales, long the mini-me to Hugo’s Dr. Evil, has been getting push back about his plan to amend the constitution that he wrote after first taking office in 1998, to allow him to run for a 4th term. Apparently 20th century Evo had no inkling that his future self would be so power hungry!

The main “scandal” being reported is that a woman who had a child with him is an executive at a company that has benefitted from large government contracts.  If Suharto were still around, he could remind us that this is just “family values”, but in his absence, the complaint is gaining some traction.

However to me the real scandal is that Evo had to speak out about rumors that he was paying $200 a pop for his haircuts.

Let’s pause to take a look:



So it’s truly tragic that either (a) anyone thinks that cut could cost $200, or (b) that some crazy scammer is ripping off Bolivians by charging 2 bills for a bowl cut!

The horror.