How about Yuntao Bi Zuckerberg?

I guess Mark Z. really really really wants Facebook in China.

Let’s break this down. Dude is worth $9 billion plus, but he tries to suck up to Xi Jinping by asking him to name the future baby Zuckerberg.


Xi refused to give a reach-around, but as loyal CG reader Tyler suggested to me, Xi should have picked a super-inauspicious name and stuck Baby Z with it, “I got your baby-name right here, Mr. Zuckerberg, here is your baby name”.

Besides the name in the title, here are a few others that Xi might have suggested:

Jianren Lao
Shousheng Qin
Tong Fan
Liting Xie
Yong Wu
Tou Zhu
Ziteng Du

Even after this epic beatdown, Zuckerberg continued the brown-nosing on his Facebook page.

LOL, like Xi even has a Facebook page.

I can’t see crude butt-kissing being very effective with hard-core dudes like Xi. Usually people who are susceptible to having smoke blown do not rise to become dictators of large countries.

If I was Xi, I would offer to name the baby of the CEO of Instagram, just in case Daddy Zuckerberg has not fully absorbed his point.

I thank the inimitable YW for help with the Mandarin name suggestions!