One man’s trash is another man’s designer shirt

We at Cherokee Gothic were apparently too quick to dismiss the idea of El Chapo as a fashion plate.

It turns out that El Chapo’s hideous paisley shirt was bought from a Los Angeles boutique and the owners, two brothers, couldn’t be happier for the association.  There is so much unintended hilarity in this story that I’ll just point out my favorite bits:

The brothers’ website describes their “philosophy of fashion” with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that reads: “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes.” “Good words, good thoughts, good deeds” is the brothers’ mantra.

So you would think with a mantra like that that the brothers wouldn’t be happy to be associated with the most wanted drug kingpin ever.  But you would be wrong.  Here is one brother waxing rhapsodic on the association:

‘It’s not about that he’s an international criminal. But we’re excited because he could buy anything, he could buy Versace, any other brand, but to choose our brand, our designs!”

They went on the offensive and started advertising the shirt as “most wanted shirt” along with a photo of El Chapo modeling it.  What’s really funny about this is that (a) the shirt, in my opinion, is garish; and (b) El Chapo is not exactly the ideal physical model to show off the shirt’s attributes.  Here he is in all his glory:


The Guardian does an excellent job of mocking the shirt and the idea of a wanted man wearing it:  “He could be incognito only hiding in a forest of glowsticks and discoteca strobe lights, or at the scene of a particularly hideous detergent accident at the laundromat.”


Sales are supposedly “skyrocketing” on the paisley shirt.  Of course we only have the brothers’ word on this, and sales may have only equaled 1 in the past.  No word yet on the manufacturer of Chapo’s grease stained undershirt and whether its sales are also skyrocketing.

Everybody’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed Chapo

I just read that El Chapo (Shorty, in English) tried twice to trademark his name in order to cash in (ever more) on his ill-gotten fame.  The Mexican government turned down his requests, but they were apparently for a clothing line.  Has this dude ever looked in a mirror?  I’m sure much of the population is afraid of him, but I doubt they’d like to look like him.  Here are some fine examples of Chapo-wear:




Maybe while he’s at it, he can trademark his awesome hairstyle too.  You could just ask your barber for “El Chapo” and s/he would know exactly what you mean.