A “creative” view on academic ethics

In the last couple of years, I have increasingly received email invitations to obscure conferences.  I wonder sometimes if these conferences are for real and if anyone participates.  I mostly just put them in the trash folder and rarely read the details, but a colleague alerted me to this awesome conference and it’s interesting definition of ethics.

2013 International Conference on Creative Education (ICCE 2013) will be held on September 21-23, 2013, Singapore.

“Note: You are invited to contribute papers either in English or Chinese, which must include English title, abstract and references. The copy rate can not be more than 30%(include references ), and the article must be strictly typesetting in accordance with the template , otherwise the article will not be published, please respect the academic ethics !”

I was dumbfounded by this–I’ve never heard of a journal specifying a “copy rate,” let alone one that allows for 30% of the paper to be copied.  I would have thought the copy rate should be essentially 0, but I guess the idea of “creative education” has an different take on what it means to “respect the academic ethics!”