Crowdsourcing your goat herding

Tired of chasing those pesky goats around? keeping an eye on them 24/7?  You could learn something from these enterprising Somali goat “herders” who simply spray paint their mobile numbers on the side of their goats and let them roam wild.  Of all the ways that I thought mobile technology may bring about economic development, crowdsourcing goat herding wasn’t one of them.

I wonder how well it actually works–it shows an amazing amount of trust that someone would call to return your goat rather than make a tasty stew that evening.  But as Abe Lincoln once tweeted to his 37 million followers, reciprocity is what makes the world go around.

Here are some photos:



Thanks to  for the original post and to @GRIMACHU for one of the funniest responses.  He tweeted that they could double as business cards…”I’ll leave you my goat.”