What’s in a name?

The paper we discussed yesterday had 3 authors. The last listed author’s name is Yanos Zylberberg. That poor dude never gets his name listed first I bet.

In the same issue of the AEJ: Applied is another cool paper. This one is by Jon Zinman and Eric Zitzewitz.

Tyler and I wrote a Grantland piece that discussed this paper years ago, in which we noted the absolute joy that Mr. Zinman must have felt upon establishing a working relationship with Mr. Zitzewitz.

Finally he didn’t have to go last.

When I was a professor at George Mason, we had a grad student named Zenon Xavier Zygmont, who as Bob Tollison loved to point out probably was in the back of every line he stood in throughout his childhood.

OK kids, line up alphabetically by first/last/middle names. Made no difference to Zenon.