Markets in Everything, Narco Halloween Edition

It turns out that the most wanted man in Mexico (and in the US) is also the inspiration for a very popular new Halloween costume.  I present to you, El Chapo:



As you can see from El Chapo’s mug shot above, the likeness leaves a little to be desired, so it’s a good idea to have the name embroidered on the shirt and the shovel as an accessory.  All in all it is a pretty terrifying ensemble.

Not the Onion (and not the Angus either)

ABC News has some hard hitting analysis with a piece called “Top Mexico Cartel to Keep on Despite Capo Capture.”  When I first saw this title in a tweet, I assumed that it was the Onion.  But oh no, it’s a real headline of an article written by AP reporter Katherine Corcoran!  It begs the question of what ABC expected the Sinaloa cartel to do?  Just fold up and admit defeat because the top guy is arrested?  Has that ever happened in the history of drug cartels?  And even if it had, El Chapo has already escaped once from jail so maybe he’ll do it again.  How pissed would he be if he managed to escape and then found that his crew had decided to call it a day.