The Uruguayan national team traveled to Brazil with 86 pounds of the greatest thing to ever come from South America. No, not Lionel Messi, Dulce de Leche!

However, they arrived at their hotel empty handed as, in the vilest act of sabotage, Brazilian authorities confiscated the stash at customs!

No wonder Uruguay lost to Costa Rica.

People, I am not making any of this up:

“An official with the Brazilian agriculture department told Reuters news agency that the Uruguayans could have the dulce de leche back “as soon as they can produce the necessary documents”.

“Or they can pick it up on their way out of Brazil,” the official added.”



Politicians pretending to be cool; let the lol begin

They call soccer the beautiful game, but after seeing this story I have my doubts. The New Republic has a series of photographs called “World Leaders Interacting Awkwardly with Soccer Balls.”  It’s worth checking out in full, but here are a few of my favorites along with the TNR’s hilarious captions:

U.S. President George Bush (R) kicks a soccer ball

George Bush, slide-tackling himself (my caption: who wears short shorts?)

Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush pla

George W. Bush brought the wrong boots (Kevin’s caption: Someone needs their diapie changed?)

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, who is paid $11,100 per corner kick (Our caption: you just know this was taken at a Catholic girls’ school)