Whamma Jammeh

The Gambia has been independent since 1965. It has had exactly two presidents. They are Dawda Jawara from 65-93 and after deposing him in a coup in 1994, Yaha Jammeh from1994 to the present.

According to the Penn World Tables (variable RGDPCH) real per-capita income in 1965 was $1245 (in internationally comparable PPP adjusted dollars). In 2010, it stood at at $1271. In 46 years, INCOMES ROSE $26!!!!


Here’s some data-driven journalism in the form of a chart of Gambias real per capita GDP over time:


But Jammeh seems to know why and is finally doing something about it. The culprit is……..English!

Nice work President Jammeh. After 20 years of stinking as a ruler, you have found the key to improving your country. Kudos.

Hat tip to Michael Clemens.