I don’t think this is what they mean when they say signaling is costly!

Ah, Harvard. The holy grail for Mexican politicians. From 1982 – 20012  4 out of 5 Presidents went to Harvard (de la Madrid, Salinas, Fox, and Calderon). The 5th, Zedillo, slummed it down at Yale. It says something about the parlous state of Mexican politics that current president EPN got his degree from ITAM in Mexico city.

So when Ivan Garza ran for mayor of Monterrey , a big part of his campaign was that he had the intellectual chops to have attended prestigious universities, Harvard chief among them.

He actually campaigned in a Harvard “varsity” jacket:


Would it surprise any of you to learn that Garza’s total exposure to Harvard consisted of a 4 day course on executive leadership? In effect, Garza paid $9,500 for his sweet jacket.

I am happy to report that Sr. Garza lost the election, to Adrian de la Garza of the PRI who earned his degree at the autonomous university of Nuevo Leon.