How not to lead, Zim edition

Just like President Maduro of Venezuela, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a perfect example of how not to lead a country.  If there is a way to destroy the economy, institutions, and trust, Mugabe will find a way to do it.  The Independent reports on the homophobic Mugabe making an ass of himself at the UN yesterday:

“Deviating from his prepared remarks, the 91-year-old leader of Zimbabwe reportedly barked: ‘We are not gays!'”


I wonder why they think this wasn’t part of his prepared remarks.  Bashing the homosexual community (which according to him doesn’t exist in Africa) is one of his favorite pastimes.  That reminds me of this famous exchange a few years ago:

Robert Mugabe subsequently warmed to his theme and called Tony Blair a “gay gangster” leading “the gay government of the gay United gay Kingdom”.

That is quite a rant. (n.b. In one of the funniest responses ever by a government, Downing Street clarified that “The Prime Minister is not a gay gangster.”)

A couple of funny tweeters responded to Mugabe’s anti-gay rant at the UN last night:

“Not up there with Churchill, I have to say.” (@Zimbird)

“We shall fight them on the Pride Marches, we shall fight them in the gay bars…” (‏@PeterTerry3)

Apart from the buffoonery of Mugabe, LGBT activism seems to be making some progress in Africa.  Here’s a report from the excellent website: Africa is a Country.