Out of the frying pan and into…Denmark

VOX has an article today detailing Denmark’s repulsive plan about how to deal with refugees.  The proposal is to allow authorities to “seize jewelry and other personal valuables from refugees.” It’s almost cliche these days to compare some policy or policymaker to Hitler or fascism, but sadly there are some really valid points of comparison in this new Danish proposal.

In the name of funding refugee support, the proposed plan would allow authorities to seize any assets worth more than $440.  On the other hand, “Foreigners will always be able to keep assets which are necessary to maintain a modest standard of living, e.g. watches and mobile phones.”  Wow, how considerate of them.  As for the refugees currently in Denmark, they shouldn’t get too comfortable.  The proposal notes that they are fair game too.

In case you weren’t terrified enough, Mia Tang, a spokesperson for the Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration, and Housing, noted that “Assets which have a certain personal, sentimental value to a foreigner will not, as a main rule, be seized unless they have considerable value.”  Unless they have considerable value!! Holy crap people.  I’m speechless about the rapaciousness and cruelty of this plan.

One MP made the obvious point that “the idea of seizing wedding rings ‘awakens terrifying historical images.'”  Indeed–you wouldn’t think Danes would need a reminder of this, given that the Nazis occupied the country for 5 years during WWII and regularly seized assets from Jewish Danes!

For the poor refugees, the good news is that they made it out of Syria and into Europe.  The bad news is that they landed in Denmark.  Into the frying pan indeed!