Border Patrol Body Slam

The New York Times has a great video  with the above title.  Apparently a lucha-libre wrestler that goes by the name of Blue Demon Jr. (real name unknown) is “a self-proclaimed defender of Mexican immigrants [who] does battle against wrestlers who portray US border patrol agents.”

The guy is a genius.  Who could be a bigger villain than la migra?


Viva El Peatónito

This story combines one of the things I liked most about living in México, lucha libre, with one of the things I disliked most, traffic. The only thing worse than trying to drive in the DF was trying to walk in the DF. Crossing a street, even in an upscale Colonia like Polanco, was a nightmare.

But this may be changing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…..Peatónito (the little pedestrian).


Here’s his homepage. You can follow him on Twitter. Heck, you can read about his exploits here.