Nicolas Maduro: problem solver

After an awkward beginning President Maduro has really found his footing in Venezuela and produced a cogent, succinct, and effective diagnosis of all the troubles facing his beleaguered nation: Opposition Politicians!!

Yes, as it turns out it’s Henrique Capriles (who may or may not have actually won the election that put Maduro in office) who’s causing the many crises the nation faces!

Check out the airtight case Maduro offers:

“They’re stealing your electricity. They’re stealing your food. They’re stealing your peace. No more violence.” 

Apparently Mr. Capriles was found in his condo with 500,000 porterhouse steaks and running 250,000 window air conditioners full blast (plus he had 300,000,000 rolls of toilet paper stacked up in his garage!).

Here are the posters the government is putting up around Caracas:





Cudos, Mr. President!