LOL, Mexico edition

The Catholic Church performs a nation-wide exorcism on the country of Mexico. Seriously, I’m not making this up.  The Pope offended the Mexican government in February when he expressed his hope that “his homeland Argentina could avoid “Mexicanization.”  The Pope apologized, saying that no offense was intended (ha!).  And now this.  I wonder how offended the government is now that the Church thinks the whole country needs to be exorcised from its demons.  Here are a couple of my favorite parts of the report:

“This isn’t the first time the Catholic Church has tried to mitigate violence in Central America.”  Um, the writer does know that Mexico isn’t in Central America, right?

“The church, however, knew the ritual wouldn’t change the country in a single day. ‘It would be a big mistake to think that by performing a full scale exorcism of the country everything would automatically change right away,’ Father Fortea said.”  Got to cover your bases, that’s for sure.  No use promising miracles or anything.

In other LOL news:

(1) The Mexican President assures the people that the country has never had a dictatorship.  I wonder how hard it was to say that with a straight face.  And I wonder how dumb they think the public is. Maybe the Church should give EPN an exorcism while they’re at it.


(2) the state of Oaxaca has gone back on their promise to not pay striking teachers for the weeks that they were on strike.  EPN’s Education reforms seem to be fully on track.