One more such victory and we are lost

The drive for universal primary enrollment is over. The battle has been won. ┬áThe war however, is not going so well. As CG friend Lant Pritchett bluntly puts it, “Schooling ain’t Learning”.

By that he means that the enrollment growth hasn’t been anywhere close to matched by increases in the number of students able to do basic math or read. The goal was to get ’em in a school with not nearly enough thought about what happens inside the building once the kids are there.

Which is why I was dismayed to learn that apparently, the message isn’t getting through to the UN, as they seem to still be focussed on schooling goals rather than learning goals, just now kicked up a notch to universal secondary enrollment!

Screenshot 2016-04-22 08.03.51

People, I am not a fan of declaring victory in a war that you have not come close to winning and then opening a second front where you are going to use the same false metric to judge victory.

Hat tip to @justinsandefur. The chart appears in an overall sensible Brookings report that is aware of the gap between schooling and learning