“Nothing is more persistent than the temporary”

Nick Hannes, a Belgium press photographer, chronicled his year-long expedition across the 15 former Soviet states in a fabulous photo diary called Red Journey.  He attempts (and succeeds) to show the world a different view of these countries than the dreary one usually presented.

The title of this post comes from a quote by a Moldovan press photographer named Nicolae Pojoga.  The author asks Pojoga how long he thought Moldova would be in a  “transition phase” and the latter “laughed bitterly” and responded with the poignant ‘Nothing is more persistent than the temporary.'”

The diary is well worth checking out in full–the photos are amazing and often quite humorous.  It makes one wonder what the back story is behind many of them.  Here are a several of my favorites (from Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan)


There is apparently a book about the journey too which looks worth checking out.  Here is the link to it on Amazon.


A Powerful Slideshow on the US-Mexico Border


The NY Times has put together an amazing slideshow from readers’ personal photos of the US-Mexico border.  There are some really sad ones, like this one, where each cross indicates a life lost in the crossing:


or others, like the following separating Tijuana and San Diego, which show just how ridiculous the idea of a fence is:


The whole series is excellent and definitely worth checking out in full.