Economics is hard, but not that hard

Maize crops were down by almost 50% in Zimbabwe, so the government is importing 700,000 tons of the crop to stave off a crisis.  The Parliament is mad about a lack of food security in the country and is searching for a culprit. They’ve been grilling technocrats from the omnibus agency known as the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development.

There was a lot of hot air, excuses, and (probably empty) promises.  The kicker comes in the last sentence of the article though, which notes that “The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is also under fire for failure to pay farmers for their grain, a situation that has led to most of them abandoning the crop.”  Doh!!  That’s what I call burying the lede.  I guess we have found the culprit.

h/t to George Ayittey (@ayittey) who does an excellent job of exposing government shenanigans in Sub-Saharan Africa.