If at first you don’t succeed, try slander?

Jeff Sachs had a bad year. There was the retraction of the Lancet paper about how the MV project had produced extra-ordinary results and there was Nina Munk’s devastating book
Sadly, to start the new year off, Jeff has taken to twitter to slander his long-time nemisis, Bill Easterly:

Jeffrey D. SachsVerified account@JeffDSachs

@samloewenberg And the process should include Easterly acknowledging the success of many aid programs he opposed, e.g. malaria control.

  1. To @JeffDSachs please allow me to clarify that I have always been opposed to malaria

  2. @bill_easterly You opposed the aid & policies that cut malaria deaths of African children <5 by half, then claimed that MY approach failed.

  3. @GrantBrooke It would be funny if he hadn’t fought so hard against the aid and policies that have controlled malaria.

  5. @JeffDSachs @bill_easterly This claim is false. 1) Easterly has staunchly supported health aid. 2) You have no evidence that aid halved U5R.