Welcome to Mugabeland

Zimbabwe is daydreaming about a Disneyland-Africa at Victoria Falls. It actually seems reasonable when you consider that the UN made Zimbabwe the host country for their World Tourism Organization general assembly. Why wouldn’t the Mouse want a piece?

Apparently one of Mugabeland’s major attractions will be a log-ride that washes your money!

Here’s the pithy essence from the BBC:

“We think it should be modelled along the size and the kind of vision that is on Disneyland, including hotels, entertainment parks, restaurants, conferencing facilities. This is the vision and we need people who can run with it.”

Mr Mzembi earlier told Zimbabwe’s official news agency New Ziana that the government wanted to create a free zone with a banking centre “where even people who do not necessarily live in Zimbabwe can open bank accounts” .

He announced the plans at the UN World Tourism Organisation general assembly, which Zimbabwe is co-hosting with Zambia.

C’mon people, sing along with me, “It’s a shitty world after all, it’s a shitty world after all, it’s a shitty, shitty world”