Bolivars on a plane!

Actually, according to the WSJ, 36 cargo planes of the Venezuelan currency has been shipped to Venezeula in recent months.

See, when your inflation rate is somewhere between 300 and 700%, the domestic printing industry (like most other industries in Venezeula) cannot meet the government’s demands.

“The central bank’s own printing presses in the industrial city of Maracay don’t have enough security paper and metal to print more than a small portion of the country’s bills, the people familiar with the matter said. Their difficulties stem from the same dollar shortages that have plagued Venezuela’s centralized economy, as the Maduro administration struggles to pay for imports of everything”

And, as is customary in these Latin-American inflationary spirals, things are heating up even more.

“In December, the central bank began secret negotiations to order 10 billion more bills”

You may ask yourself, didn’t the opposition win a super-majority in the legislature? How come these Chavista shenanigans are still going on?


“The president in late December changed a law to give himself full control over the central bank, stripping congressional oversight just as his political opponents took control of the National Assembly for the first time in 17 years. “

Here is a snapshot from the WJS about the evolution of prices of consumer staples in Chavezlandia over the past year:


Screenshot 2016-02-04 07.27.41

People, repeat after Angus, “The rule of law is mighty #@$% thin reed”





The rule of law is a mighty thin reed: Football Edition

I am not a soccer expert (I like FC Barcelona, Arsenal, and the Xoloescuincles of Tijuana), but I am pretty sure that games are 90 minutes.

Well not in Mauritania, at least not if President/Dictator/Serial Coup-monger Abdel-Aziz is in the house!

“A football game in the Mauritanian Super Cup was bizarrely sent to a penalty shoot-out in the 63rd minute of play after the country’s head of state grew tired with the match.

President of the Republic, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, was in attendance for the Super Cup final between FC Tevragh-Zeina and ACS Ksar, though he reportedly influenced the proceedings of the game upon losing interest in the scoreline.

The head of state was said to have become impatient with the tempo of the game, which was held at a 1-1 deadlock, and instead of waiting out the second half and possibly extra-time, he simply ordered that the two teams skip the remaining minutes.”

So my man got bored (can’t say as I blame him), canceled the last 27 minutes of regulation and ordered the teams right into penalty kicks!

That is quite a super-power.

Would it surprise you if I told you that Mauritania was ranked by Transparency International as coming in 124 (out of 175) in absence of corruption?

Rule of Law, Zimbabwe Edition

When a University of Zimbabwe graduation ceremony had to be delayed 45 minutes because Bobby Mugabe’s hat did not fit, people you KNOW someone is getting fired (if the hat don’t fit you must get fired).

That someone turns out to be “Ngaatendwe Takawira, an assistant registrar, who said she has been in charge of the university’s graduation ceremonies since 1996”

Why was Mugabe wearing a mortarboad at the ceremony? Silly Question. He’s the Chancellor of all of Zim’s state universities, innit he?

The twisty thing here is that Ms. Takawira is not taking her punishment passively.

She claims that (a) they had a hat there that fit Bobby the whole time, (2) The Chancellors office gave her the hat size she bought, and (3) Bobby M called off a fitting saying he was too busy. She’s filing suit with a lawyer and everything.

My question to you people is this: DOESN’T SHE KNOW WHERE SHE IS LIVING?

There are few places on earth where “L’etat c’est moi” rings truer than Mugabeville.

If she keeps pushing this, she may find that she ends up a lot more than just fired.

You must be this poor to loot that store!

The looting and loss of life in Argentina is tragic.  For those not al día, here’s some background.

Inflation in Argentina is running at 25% plus, though official statistics drastically under-report it. Partly as a result, police forces throughout the country have been striking for higher wages. Thousands of Argentines have been taking advantage of their absence to liberate stuff from stores and businesses. At least 8 people are dead because of the looting.

Christina Kirchner responded as follows:

“President Cristina Kirchner railed against both the looters and police in a speech Tuesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of country’s dictatorship and return to democracy. To “see people who have cars looting is shameful,” she said. She also blasted the “extortion” from the police and accused unnamed political opponents of instigating the unrest.”


So, if you are too poor to own a car then looting is OK?

Hey Madam President: if inflation wasn’t so high and you hadn’t bullied your statisticians into lying about it, maybe the police wouldn’t be striking.