Rule of Law, Zimbabwe Edition

When a University of Zimbabwe graduation ceremony had to be delayed 45 minutes because Bobby Mugabe’s hat did not fit, people you KNOW someone is getting fired (if the hat don’t fit you must get fired).

That someone turns out to be “Ngaatendwe Takawira, an assistant registrar,¬†who said she has been in charge of the university’s graduation ceremonies since 1996”

Why was Mugabe wearing a mortarboad at the ceremony? Silly Question. He’s the Chancellor of all of Zim’s state universities, innit he?

The twisty thing here is that Ms. Takawira is not taking her punishment passively.

She claims that (a) they had a hat there that fit Bobby the whole time, (2) The Chancellors office gave her the hat size she bought, and (3) Bobby M called off a fitting saying he was too busy. She’s filing suit with a lawyer and everything.

My question to you people is this: DOESN’T SHE KNOW WHERE SHE IS LIVING?

There are few places on earth where “L’etat c’est moi” rings truer than Mugabeville.

If she keeps pushing this, she may find that she ends up a lot more than just fired.