There is no Great Stagnation, Doha edition

I think part of becoming a parent means you have to say things to your kids like “close that door, you can’t air condition the outdoors.”  Now kids can point to Doha to show their parents how wrong they are:  you can air condition the outside!

Lee Kwan Yew pointed out that AC was one of the greatest inventions of modern times, allowing workers in tropical areas to be more productive.  Now shoppers in hot climates can be more productive:

“It gets pretty hot in Qatar. In summer, temperatures can hit 47 °C, hot enough to make any outdoor event a pretty uncomfortable experience. This could have proved problematic for the designers of a new outdoor shopping complex at Doha’s Katara Cultural Village, too. But they’ve come up with a solution: they’re going to install outdoor air conditioning in the centre’s main plaza. Outdoor air conditioning is actually becoming quite a big thing in Doha. This year, it was installed in the fan area of the Aspire Track Zone football stadium.”

Hmm, here’s a less insane idea, how about just enclosing the mall and football stadium?

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