The Midas Ass?

Japhy Wilson, author of Jeffrey Sachs: the Strange Case of Dr Shock and Mr Aid, wrote a recent article on George Soros called “Counting on Billionaires”.

It has some of the most unusual and Freudian imagery I’ve ever heard when talking about development.  Wilson recounts that” In his book, The Crisis of Global Capitalism, Soros reflects on his dual role as speculator and philanthropist, noting that “sometimes I felt like a giant digestive tract, taking in money at one end and pushing it out at the other.”

Wilson takes this a step further by noting that Soros invested $663 in gold back in 2009, a commodity boom which devastated one of the MVP sites in Ghana that had been based on artisanal gold mining.  To wit, “Soros has therefore been eating gold and shitting Millennium Villages.”

One of the funniest lines ever written about the MVP project (or anything else for that matter).

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